Credit & Financial Wellbeing

Aug 2021

Canopy is bringing out a new tool to help its users with their credit and finances. Check out your credit and financial score, use tools and get tips to improve.
  • My role: lead B2C UX & Graphic Designer
  • Worked with Equifax to create the new Canopy Premium tool
  • Created user flows, wireframes and high-res designs, working alongside developers throughout

Detailed report into your credit score. Credit dashboard, with tips and tools on how to improve. Credit score simulator, how your score can change over time
Consistent dashboard design for the finances side, tips and tools. Detailed report into finances. Education on financial scores. Open Banking.

FinTech start-up, aiming to better financial inclusion by giving users access to products and services they may not have had otherwise.

Canopy caters to both B2B and B2C, I looked after the B2C side of design as Lead B2C UX Designer. This mainly consisted of looking after 'Rental Health' - a hub of tools that will help you with your financial wellbeing; Rent Tracking, Budgeting and Rental Affordability.

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